Teenage Abbreviations: The Definitive List

Teenage Abbreviations: The Definitive List

Teenspeak. Gosh, it's really quite hilarious how our language has involved. Sometimes it's depressing, like finding out that 'wanksta' means 'wannabe gansta'. Not only would that be totally misconstrued as something entirely different in the UK, it shows such a desire to shorten words!

Please note that this list is going to get added to as time goes on and as the language is going to evolve right before our eyes. If there's any  you think should be added to the list, let us know! And if you have a question about one but you can't find it, let us know too! We are here to help, so always happy to add to our list!


AF - 'as f*&k'; end of a sentence to describe extremes: I'm hungover AF

Bae - 'before anyone else'; usually referred to in the romantic sense although sometimes used in friendships

Basic - a derogatory term used for someone you don't like. It can mean anything from 'simple' to 'ugly' to 'conforming' to a whole host of other negative associations

BTW - by the way

Clickbait - articles with catchy headlines written to get as many link clicks as possible

DM - direct message. Usually used in context of a verb 'If anyone knows anything please DM me'

Fam - short for family, usually your closest friends

Feels - a noun short for feelings. When you have a cute video or photo to share, you might caption it with 'all the feels'

GR8 - Great

IDK - I don't know

IKR - I know right

Influencer - someone that is famous on social media, although not for a particular reason like a movie star or singer

IRL - in real life

Lit - means a whole host of things. Mostly 'awesome' but it can also mean 'drunk' or 'high'. 'That party was lit' 'Are you ready to get lit up?'

LOL - laugh out loud

Netflix and Chill - remember how you used to ask dates to come back to yours for one last drink with all the intention of not actually doing a lot of drinking? ... yeah

NM - not much

NSFW - not suitable for work. This is most often used with click-bait articles on Facebook or Twitter

On fleek - means looking fantastic (fashion-wise). A girlfriend once said to me 'your eyebrows are so on fleek' after I'd had them done

OMG - oh my god

PM - same as DM (direct message), PM stands for private message

Ship - because of course everything has to be abbreviated, 'ship' means relationship. It can be used as a noun or a verb, although it's mostly used in context of a noun

SMH - Shake My Head

Stashing - When you don't post anything about your current boyfriend because you want to see if someone better comes along

TBH - To Be Honest

Turnt/Turnt Up - very similar to 'lit', in both definitions!


WTF - what the f&!k

WTH - what the heck.




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