What is a Content Calendar Good For?

What is a Content Calendar Good For?

When you have a Facebook Page you have to keep track of, it can sometimes feel counter-productive to put more work on yourself. Like, why do I need to have a content calendar when I can just post things daily anyway? Why does it matter? When you’re trying to run a business or to organize an organization, the last thing you want is yet another file to keep track of. But having a content calendar can actually help you in the long run, and this is why!

You can see what you’ve been doing, and reflect- social media is all about self-reflection and consideration. You’re always going after the A-game! So tell me, how are you going to do this self-reflection when you can’t even show what you’ve posted? It’s so important to keep track. Even if it’s just to have an overview of what is posted, and you can go, “OK, so I’ve been posting way too many memes lately. Time to scale back” or, “We need more videos!”


You can actually make it easier to post things. For most of my clients, I have specific days I post specific things. I know videos work well on Fridays for one, so every Friday there’ll be a video. Articles work better for Monday, because people are settling into the week and more susceptible to new ideas and articles. That means that instead of going ‘ugghhhh I don’t know what to post’ I get to say “OK, it’s article day, let’s go find a great article to share’. Already it cuts my worry and wonder time down significantly!

Perhaps most significantly, a content calendar is good for proof. A wise teacher once told me, “get everything down in black and white” and boy, was he right! I’ve lived with that mantra for over 10 years and I am a better person for it. At one point or another, your boss, or another boss, or a colleague is going to say, “What has been going on?” And you can just pull up the content calendar! Voila, here you go. It makes you look good, it makes you feel good, and importantly, it makes everyone’s work that much easier by not having to wait and compile; it’s already accessible.

So, even if your job isn’t to do social media on a full-time basis, we highly recommend that you use a content calendar.

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