4 Things Your Social Media Manager Does that You Can’t

4 Things Your Social Media Manager Does that You Can’t

When your budget is tight or when you've never thought about it before, hiring a Social Media Manager (SMM) isn't always a priority. What is your SMM going to do that is going to change the way you do business? Aside from the obvious fact that you don't have to worry about what happens on Facebook, you also won't be dealing with all the comments or even negative feedback (which your SMM will be working hard to turn into a positive experience for the customer). Anything of note will be forwarded to you as manager/client of course!

    • Keeps tabs on what works and what doesn't on a very regular basis. What works for one industry, or even one audience, doesn't necessarily work for another. If you post the exact same post on two pages from even the same industry, you're going to get very different results! The reason for this is that each Page has their own voice and style! Every few days, your SMM will be checking to see which posts are working and which aren't, and work on ways to change it to the benefit of your audience!

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    • Spend lots of time making gorgeous graphics for your organization. Everyone has their role to play in an organization or a business. Someone has to do the bookkeeping, someone has to provide the service, someone else has to deal with HR, etc. Asking someone whose sole job isn't to do social media tasks, it can be time-consuming and work can be unprofessional to the eyes of the audience of your social media channel. As SMMs, we are fully equipped to spend time making ideal graphics specifically targeted for your audience.
    • Stays 'on trend'. This feeds into point number 2. Your SMM has made their career in knowing what works, what doesn't, and how to deal with social media. For the same reason that you wouldn't ask your chef to perform open heart surgery, you shouldn't ask a novice or someone that's not in the social media profession to take care of your social media!


  • Consistent Voice. Every organization or business has their own 'voice'. If you're a security company you're not going to be as much 'fun' as a beauty blogger, and if you're a car salesman you're probably going to be somewhere in between. People appreciate effort put into having a voice. And sometimes, if you don't think about what you are posting, your voice can get a bit scrambled. It's so important to sound professional, clear, and upbeat. There are so many different types of voices you can have! Having a consistent voice is key to creating a great relationship with your audience.

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