3 Great Post Ideas for Your School

3 Great Post Ideas for Your School

When your school has a social media page like a Facebook Page, it's important to  keep it regularly updated. It's not an easy task, but a necessary one. Facebook is where people go when they want to see what you're up to and how you're branding yourself. If you're not a solid presence on Facebook, then your brownie points will take a serious hit with potential (and current!) students.


So, to keep things fresh and interesting, here are some ideas of what you can do on your Facebook Page that doesn't even need to take a lot of time!

  • GIFS

l3q2lh45xelelrzrmGIFs are usually funny, or at least interesting and relatable.
They're a few photos put together that make it look like the people in the photos are moving. A lot of the time you can find great GIFs featuring famous movie quotes or TV show moments, but you can also create your own! Best ones work with sports that requires a lot of moving. Here's an example, and here's a great collection of good ones!

  • Sharing a Post

You don't always have to create all the content yourself! A lot of student clubs tend to have their own Facebook Groups or Pages, so make sure you like them and follow them! Share any relevant information to the 'official' Facebook Page. Is your Drama Club having a performance? Or maybe there's a charity event put on by the Red Cross Club. If they hadn't thought about posting something on their Page, encourage them to do so! By guiding them through the process, you are not only being supportive but teaching them responsible posting practices! Some school departments like music, technology, or even the library have their own forms of social media. Don't be afraid to share them, too! Information shared means that students will also eventually learn that they can ask you for something! 'Hey, remember when you shared that library video? Can you share that again, or link me? I need to check something.'


  • Celebrate an International Day

It's important to recognize things that are happening outside of your school, and the best way to bring attention to global issues, which your teachers will undoubtedly do anyway, is to recognize some big UN Holidays. You can download a UN Calendar and have things like Human Rights Day or World Radio Day right at your fingertips. OK, maybe skip World Radio Day, but there are some big holidays that definitely deserve a pretty graphic and some kind words!

Keeping a Facebook Page updated doesn't have to have to be complicated.  The key is consistency and the willingness to engage with your audience.

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