2016: A Reflection

2016: A Reflection

Isn't it amazing, what 2016 has brought us? So much heartache, so much chaos, and yet, so much beauty and grace.

About a month ago, a list of great and awesome things that happened in 2016 went viral, and I'm so glad it did. It is so important, especially nowadays, to remember the positives and use that to work together. Social Media also made fantastic strides this year, especially with the birth of Horizons 21 (of course!). We are so honored to be part of this global movement of bringing people together, in a positive way, to try and make a positive change on societies all around the world.

Horizons21 came out of a very sad reality for a lot of people: Brexit. After realizing that the place that I called home no longer wanted me (at least, half of the population didn't), it was clear that it was time to move on. It was the best decision that I could have made. Now, just a few months in, I am more sure that this was the right move for me. Horizons21 was given me a renewed sense of hope that I realize looking back, I didn't have anymore. I've never worked harder, I've never been more precise in what I wanted. This all came to light with the help of a fantastic mentor, Nicole. Her steadfastness inspired me, and now, I am steadfastly headed towards a lifestyle (and job!) that I only dreamed of.

Horizons21 wants to take this opportunity to thank all their biggest supporters, including family, friends, and the fantastic network of people that we are connected to. Without all of you, this dream wouldn't have become a reality (and so quickly too!).

We have big plans for 2017, and we are so excited to have you all with us! celebrate-1786189_1280

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