All About… Snapchat

All About… Snapchat

Snapchat is seriously the name of the game right now, and people that aren't using it, should be thinking about how to!!

I've rounded up a few things about Snapchat that you might want to look at...

  1. SME's 'Snapchat for business'. SME is known for explaining things in an awesome way, and especially for the business mindset. Follow this link for the audio article (about 8 minutes long).
  2. Straight from the horse's mouth: this is how to make Snapchat effective! //
  3. As Entrepreneur will tell you, if you didn't already get the picture by now, Snapchat is a great way to 'get behind the scenes', and to have a more fun and spontaneous way of seeing how your organization works. This is especially true for young people. Follow some of their tips here.

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