Interaction 2.0: 5 Skills You Need

Interaction 2.0: 5 Skills You Need

Interaction 2.0 isn't rocket science, it's just tapping into your inner human. Marketing has become wired to be so... un-human over the last few decades. Skinny models airbrushed to the nines, football stars superimposed in ridiculous situations, all the kind of traditional marketing that doesn't feed in to what is sincere and genuine to the average consumer anymore. In the age of Web 2.0, and indeed, Interaction 2.0, people can smell a cheap marketing ploy a mile off, and many will refuse to bite.

Here are 5 of the top skills you need to ensure that you really connect with your audience:

  1. Communication
    1. This will seem a bit like a 'D'oh' moment but there's more to communication than using words. It's knowing what frame of mind to put yourself in when dealing with situations or even just writing a tweet. It's knowing when enough is enough, not to push buttons. A massive political rant isn't going to fly with your fashion-conscious fanbase, and a post about lipstick won't really do well in your food blog (unless you're talking about super stay lipstick, then you piqued my interest). Know what kind of language to use. Be sincere. Don't try too hard to be funny, either.
  2. Sense of Humor
    1. One of my heroes this year is Jen from Skyscanner. She works in Customer Service on Social Media at Skyscanner and her handling of the '47 year layover' debacle was pure class. She became a bit of an Internet sensation and her retorts were spot on- she made sparks fly and people were lapping it up. Very, very smooth sense of humor. Totally #WorkGoals.
  3. Diplomacy
    1. People always get scared of this word, as if it's only reserved for President Obama or Aung Sang Suu Kyi, but really, it's very simple. It comes back to communication, and taking that extra step to think about the audience. If you were in their shoes, what would you think? How would you react? How can you make sure their reaction comes out more positive than negative? How can you ensure that your words are going to resonate with the most people? It's a simple process of just asking yourself the question before you press 'Send'.
  4. Understanding of SM
    1. People don't want to hear long-worded rants on Twitter, and on Facebook (moving) images capture the most attention. Instagram is changing daily, so you need to keep tabs on that, and learn how to work that. The same with Snapchat-- they've recently rebranded!! (All this stuff a Social Media Manager does quite happily, off your clock, by the way).
  5. Persuasion
    1. This is where we come back to our ultimate goal of being on social media. To market our product or service in a more meaningful way that will ultimately push up our bottom line. Or are you here to fully engage with the community to find a more genuine connection in the 21st century? These questions you have to ask yourself before you start persuading people to come onto your website and comment on your blog posts. Be super clear on what your intention is with each post, because that's how you really achieve Interaction 2.0.

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