Social Media & Customer Service

There are so many great stories that float around the Internet about the wonders of Social Media, and I felt like I had to share one with you!

The reason that customer service works so well with Social Media is because it’s instantaneous. People don’t have to wait a week for a written letter, or even until the end of the day when they check their e-mail inbox. A response will come up directly in the form of a push notification on their phone.


I was actually subject to an unsolicited form of customer service the other day that I thought would be worthwhile sharing. I’m currently in Taiwan, and my Dutch aunt sent me a small package from the Netherlands. It’s been a couple of weeks, a bit slower than usual. Out of nowhere, on a Friday afternoon, I received a New Message Request on Facebook. It was a name that I didn’t recognize, but I accepted it anyway. In my line of work, you always give Message Requests a chance. Lo and behold, it was a picture of a package, with my aunt’s distinct handwriting addressing the package to me. Only problem is, she had forgotten to include the building number.

I wrote back quickly, claiming the package and saying that I spoke Mandarin. I immediately got a response back, “oh thank goodness I was really struggling with English!” In the ensuing conversation, I found out that she worked for the international department of the Taiwan post office and wanted to get the full address so she could have it delivered. I confirmed the address and most politely, she gave me the tracking number and a customer service number.

It’s amazing what technology has been able to do for us! If it hadn’t been for the lady’s quick thinking, I wouldn’t have received my package and have had it delayed, wasting resources and time! And she made my day! In fact, this happened a couple days ago and I’m still raging about it to anyone who will listen!

So let’s turn the table round to you– whether it’s personally or in your organization, what have you done recently that could count as customer service through social media? Have you replied to someone’s comment, given a bit of advice, or used social media for good? Make it a point to do so, make someone’s day! Use social media for good!

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