Interaction 2.0: Butting In

Something that can sometimes make a Social Media Manager question her skills is, ‘Do I butt in here?’ People have their own little side conversations under your posts and sometimes it’s easier to let things lie… but… you want to be involved! What do you do?

It’s always a good rule of thumb to think, if you’re on the bus, and you overhear a conversation, would you butt in? Of course, this is also very cultural! You joining a conversation in London is far more unlikely than if you were in rural Holland, or even rural… anywhere else. In my mind, Americans are far more likely to get involved than Brits. But then again, Brits are also more likely to get involved than, say, Taiwanese people. It really depends on your Brand Personality. Are you going to be more stoic and formal, or are you going to be ‘one of the gang’? This is why having a brand personality is so important! Knowing ‘who you are’ makes responding to people so much easier.

Answer the following questions about your brand’s personality… see where it takes you! You might want to consult with your client about this, too, to make sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to the brand’s personality.

  1. If you were a person, what physical characteristics would you have?
  2. Do you smile a lot? What kind of smile do you have?
  3. When you’re at the party, are you the life of the party or are you the one that skulks in the corner (ok please don’t be the one that skulks in the corner)? Maybe somewhere in between?
  4. Do you help clean up after said party, or do you have to be carried home?
  5. When there’s a Karaoke on, what song is your go-to song, if at all?
  6. If someone you fancy is sitting at the next table in the coffee shop, would you make the first move to speak to them?

These questions give you insight into what kind of person your brand is. From here, it’s easy to imagine them getting involved in other people’s conversations!

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