Do you ever feel like there’s too many apps, too many things going on with your kids? Even as a millennial myself, it can often feel overwhelming. There’s often a new app or a new tool to try, and pictures are now the way people speak... who knew!

As parents, it’s probably even scarier! Every day in the news we see new stories about kids getting into trouble or hurting themselves because this ‘social media experiment’ has gone wrong! The thing is, social media is here to stay, so the only way to deal with it is to learn all about it!In my course, you’re going to learn about:* The different types of social media* How people use them* The dangers and pitfalls of social media* How to protect your kids and your family from said dangers

Rather than hide from it or avoid it, let’s face it together! Find out what social media is, and how it fits into our lives!


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