How Students Stay Safe Online: the List Version

How Students Stay Safe Online: the List Version

With hacks, scams, malware and more, the Internet can feel like a dangerous place these days. The good news is that by taking just a handful of security measures, we can greatly reduce our exposure to all these threats!

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Create Complex Passwords.
2. Boost Your Network Security.
3. Click Smart- don't click on something you know is questionable.
4. Be a Selective Sharer - don't just share ALL of your photos of your holiday or trip to the mall!
5. Practice Safe Surfing & Shopping - don't buy from weird websites!
6. Lookout for the latest scams - there are so many it can feel hard to keep track!
7. Keep your guard up- when talking to people, when posting things... be careful in general!

Staying safe is important…
The Internet has brought all the interesting things happening in the world right into people’s homes; you can play games with other kids who live on the other side of the world, meet people that you would never normally meet and find out about pretty much anything all with the click of a mouse.

But most importantly:
Tell a trusted adult straight away if your new friend is saying or asking you things that make you feel uncomfortable or scared!

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