What is an Engaging Post?

What is an Engaging Post?

It’s easy to talk about creating beautiful and engaging posts, but it’s a whole other job to try and actually make one. It can feel daunting: I have to make a post that is visually stunning, pretty, and also that’s going to draw lots of comments and likes and shares… what does it all mean?

An engaging post has to have the following qualities:

1. A stunning graphic

Because who doesn’t love a jaw-dropping graphic on their newsfeed? It’s pretty much the reason we get up in the morning and go on Facebook. Make sure you have a great picture, because whatever you’re going to ask, is going to have to catch someone’s eye.


2. Something to respond to

While some people love to write comments, most people need to be elicited for a comment. Here are the most common ones:

- What’s your favorite…

- ___ or ____, which do you prefer?

- Tag a friend who…

- If you had to choose, what would you pick?

- What’s the best ___ you ever _____?


3. Topical

Make it current, make it topical. It doesn’t even have to directly relate to your company in the sense of your products or service. Even if it’s just to get a feel of what people are thinking about a certain topic….

In fact, we would highly recommend NOT to make it something as personal as your own products. These sorts of campaigns have actually massively backfired in the past with the likes of McDonald’s and other large international chain companies.

“Cheesecakes are all the rage this season, what’s your favourite?”

“We know it’s sunny outside, but what do you prefer: beach or mountains?”

“With winter on its way… let’s ask a dangerous question: Do you watch GoT?”

Make sure that you don’t hit on too many political notes and ask for too much… that can definitely backfire too.


So there's a lot that goes into a post, but with practice, it becomes easier, we promise!

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