Our Favourite Brand Personality

Our Favourite Brand Personality

Everyone has their favourite sitcom or even sitcom character. When I was younger, my sister and I would argue who would get to be 'Rachel' from Friends. As we grow older, we argue about who is less like Monica...
One thing that you might forget is that your brand, your organization, has to have character. Without one, how do you market yourself?
McDonald's is happy and cheerful. Nike is swift and cool. Puma is a go-getter.

Why do you think so many brands want an actor/actress/sports personality to be their face? Because it helps define them.
No matter how big or small your organization or business, you need to have the same, because you want people to feel "real-people" feelings when they think about you, not annoyance at yet another advert.

The one winning personality that we have found to work the best has been.... *drum roll please*

Mary Poppins!!

YES I KNOW!! How is that possible? But basing your brand personality after her is a definite winning ticket. Check it out, here's why:

Clever - Mary Poppins really truly knows her stuff. You want to listen to her, and you respect what she says because you know she's not lying to you. Don't lie to your customers. Be the expert in your field. Be the authority.

Not Condescending - Her job isn't to make you feel bad or worse about yourself, her job is to make you feel listened to and cared for. You should always be making your audience feel appreciated and cared for, and you do that through engagement.

Impeccably Well-Timed - She's there when you need her or are thinking about her, and not a minute more than necessary. Time your posts so that people see them at the right time, for the right reasons.

Makes You See the Silver Lining - No matter how down you are, or how much the world is trying to shout you down, Mary Poppins will try and cheer you up! Don't be a Debbie-Downer. Bring in positivity and people's feelings of you will reflect that too.

Isn't Intrusive - When she's done her job, she's off again. She doesn't need to hang around like a couch potato! She isn't there to linger or to intrude in your life. Don't over-post, don't try to obe over-funny. Making people feel comfortable with your presence is key.

Now, I'm not saying you have to start singing songs or churning out Mary Poppins photos everywhere, but you need to understand the fundamental things that make Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins!
Having defining characteristics about your brand, and show-casing them through how you interact with your audience will really be the difference between making it and faking it on social media.
So head out there, make your mark as a super cool, trendy, modern, fashionable... or maybe traditional, dry-humored, version of her because let's face it, we could all use a bit more Mary Poppins in our lives!

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