4 Reasons to Run a Live Event

4 Reasons to Run a Live Event

Last week we ran our first ‘live’ event for one of our clients. It was a truly exhilarating experience! It’s now been over 24 hours since the event began, and the likes are still pouring in!

There are several different ways to run a live event. You can do a Live Q&A where someone answers questions or maybe plays a game of some kind, or you can be at an event 'live', and be the running commentary. We took part in the latter. There was a 'grand opening' event, with ribbon cutting, speeches, and awards given out. Loads of people were there, including some VIPs, and there were over 1,000 people at the actual event. Taking care of the social media, we shot some Live Videos, pictures (on Instagram) and tweets.

  • Live Video

Everyone in the Social Media Management business and beyond is freaking out about video, and rightly so. Video is the new graphic, it is the hottest ticket in town. It's better than a gif, and better than a sound byte. What is even better than video? LIVE video. You can thank Snapchat for that! People love knowing that something is Live, or, in their eyes, authentic. Knowing that they're getting the uncensored, raw feed is precious! Being given the opportunity to run that will do wonders for your engagement numbers.

  • More Personal

This kind of ties in with the Live Video bit, but being somewhere RIGHT NOW makes it feel more personal. "Right now, X Y Z is speaking about _____". People will feel a deeper understanding and connection to what is happening, because they are 'with you', waiting for what's happening next. Taking quick, candid photos also really help with this. You're not taking time editing, adding filters, or making it look perfect. You are just shooting what you see, and people appreciate that!

  • Huge Reach

Because you're live, you kind of have an excuse to 'bombard' people with posts. They expect it. They want to get updates every few minutes and they want to see pictures and videos pop up .Cross-posting here is thus also very important (Instagram!!!). People want to know what is going on! This then purely becomes a numbers game. The more you post, the more people will see, the more people will interact and engage, and the more people will be reached. Within a day, we managed to reach an audience 4 times the number of our client's Facebook Page 'Likes'. That's incredible!

  • Great Engagement Potential

One of the best parts of the day for us was when someone said "We wish we were there". Jumping at the opportunity, we asked what they would want to see so we could still include them on the event without them being there. They made the request, and an hour later, when we put it up on the Facebook page, they were so excited about being 'dedicated to' they tagged half a dozen friends and of course, other requests started coming in!

Of course, be careful not to do too many live events. When the occasion is momentous and deserves it, you should capitalize on it big time! However, if you over-do it, people will tire easily and clicking 'unfollow' will be all too easy for them to do. Make sure that you are posting relevant, interesting, and audience-capturing posts.

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