Schools & Social Media: What’s the Deal?

Schools & Social Media: What’s the Deal?

A few articles have started floating about the Internet recently that I want to specifically shed some light on... here are a few things that social media has done for schools, and how you should be taking advantage of the tools at your disposal:

  • 95% of teens nowadays are on social media, and you can bet they spend a big chunk of their time on it too! Missing out on this important link to teenagers and how they express themselves is a real shame! Read more about it here.
  • "Strong social media presence can also boost a blogging-15968_1280student's trust and loyalty to their school." By actively engaging them, and letting them be part of the school community in a different dimension, you are creating a stronger bond between student and school. Read more here.
  • Colleges and Universities are fast becoming more social media-savvy, as that is where the future is. Setting up your own school as a communicable and friendly brand will set you apart from the lagging crowds of other secondary schools. This will also give you a chance to really showcase your students in a positive light online, which will really count towards their college admissions! Read more here.
  • Social media is great for communication in the event of an emergency... it's actually just a great way to communicate in general! Like this article explains, during a hurricane, they weren't only able to communicate to the students what they needed to know, but they were also able to really be part of the community as a whole, letting people know about important information and updates on what was going on. Social media allows schools to integrate into the community on a deeper level.


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