Your Brand Story

Your Brand Story

As a business, as an organization, you will always be on the look out for more business or improving what you already have thus far. Where do you go from here? Sales campaigns on Facebook seem dry and are starting to fall on deaf ears... what do we do?

The biggest lesson that I learned while working in sales early on was the story. A story means emotional attachment, a sense of bonding. It's easy to sell a story, but what about an effective one? Having a personal connection is the key here. My biggest sales were ones I was able to share stories with my customers. In the end, I wasn't even selling, I was giving a friend some advice.

In today's economy, it's no longer necessarily about the cheapest product or the best ingredients in that product... it's how I relate to it. In my every day life, tell me how having you in it is going to benefit me. We are all inherently selfish creatures, there's no denying that. When I go on to H&M's Facebook page, I can see from their latest posts that they have a sale, a short 'ode to the hoodie' video, and a blog post on 3 new techniques to try with my skincare routine. H&M is not only selling, because that's what they have to do, but they are getting me involved. Which hoodie is my favourite? What do I think about the skincare routine? They are getting involved in my life, asking for my opinion, they are now part of my story on Facebook, where I spend a significant chunk of my day. And when I was downtown yesterday, guess what I did? I browsed through H&M, to see if they had anything new to add to my wardrobe.

What is your brand story? What role do you want to play in your customers' or clients' lives on a daily basis on social media? What is it you want people to feel when they hear your name? How is it you want them to respond to your call to action? How are people going to relate to your posts, and how is that going to benefit your company or organization at the end of the day? Answer these questions, because your social media management strategy will need to be based around these crucial answers!


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