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Social Media Management is a very personal business, in a few different ways. First of all, it’s very personal because social media is very personal to you or your brand. It’s how people perceive your organisation and the consequences of said views. Second, it’s personal because it often can well… feel personal. If someone says something negative about your brand, and as owner/director/heavily involved person, it can feel like a very directed attack at you. Often it’s like someone on Tinder calling you ugly, and your first instinct is to send lots of swear words at them– don’t! Rise above! They don’t know you from Adam or Eve! Lastly, social media is personal because you want to know that the person behind your social media management is going to take care of things in the right way. If you have a hot-headed sales employee looking after Facebook… well, I might not recommend that!

This is where Horizons21 comes in. While I’m passionate about many things, I have spent enough time in sales and customer-facing roles to know how to hold my cool (trust me, when someone is shouting at you that they’re going to ‘sue you personally’, it gets pretty intense). I also happen to know a fair few things about the Social Media Management business. I spent my previous jobs working with Social Media to varying degrees, and I have taken some time out of my career to learn it intensively, meaning that yours truly is well prepared to take on this role for you.

It is also important for you to know that I am dedicated. One of my favourite aspects of the Internet is the ability to build a community. Growing up in an international setting, having the Internet there to keep me in touch with loved ones far and wide really gave me a sense of belonging– online! I know how important customer engagement and community spirit are when it comes to creating a business that is representative of now and what is to come. You need brand advocates, not just sheep that will like the occasional pretty picture you post. I will be your number one advocate, with many more to follow my lead!

In my blog you’ll find a few posts about me and how I tick. It’s important for you to know how I connect my personal experiences to my professional life, as- especially in social media- they can be quite closely linked. You’ll also find some useful tips and tricks and certain ways in which you can tackle this world of social media! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call on me!

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